Welcome to American History for Kids

From the first Thanksgiving to the first man on the moon, you’ve come to the right place to learn about American history. We cover the Pilgrims’ arrival, the Jamestown settlement, and the Revolutionary War and keep going through the Industrial Revolution, World War I and II and into modern American history.

But that’s not all. American history began long before Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain. Researchers believe the first Americans arrived in North America 12,000 to 18,000 years ago! And don’t forget the Vikings and other explorers.

History isn’t just about dates and facts. History is about stories – about real people and their dreams, challenges, successes, and conflicts. We’ve included biographies of interesting and influential people, as well as videos, photos, and other important documents. History is all around us.

We believe it’s vitally important to understand our country’s history and the values of liberty and democracy. We hope you enjoy learning...... Read More