• Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln is considered one of America’s greatest presidents. He led the country through the Civil War and fought to end slavery. He grew up in Kentucky, the son of a farmer.


    His mother died when he was a little boy and his father remarried. Abe loved learning and he was a hard worker. He was known for his honesty and character. Here are two stories about Abe Lincoln:

    The Book

    Abe Lincoln loved to read, but his family had few books other than the Bible, which he had read many times. As a boy, Abe did some work for a farmer living nearby. The farmer saw Abe’s interest in learning and lent him a book. Abe was thrilled. He read the book at night in his bed in the attic after the work was done. But one morning, when Abe awoke, he discovered that it had snowed in the night. Snow had come through cracks in the roof. His bed was covered with snow and so was the book.

    Abe was heartbroken. He had ruined the book and he certainly didn’t have money to replace it. Still, he tried to always be honest. He told the farmer what had happened, knowing the man would probably be angry. The man could see how upset young Abe was. He told Abe to do some extra work for him to make up for the ruined book.

    The Firewood

     Abe Lincoln once met a poor man chopping firewood. The man was barefoot and had no coat, even though the weather was bitter. He looked thin and weak. Abraham asked him, “Why are you chopping this wood with no shoes or coat?” The man replied, “I have neither. I’m going to buy both with the money I make chopping this wood.”

    Abraham told the man to go home and get warm by the fire. He finished chopping the wood himself and delivered it, collecting the money and returning it to the poor man.


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