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    Reverend Thomas Craven strongly opposed slavery and also believed that all people, regardless of their gender or ethnicity, deserved an education. His vision was behind Eleutherian College.


    Fun Facts

    • Reverend Craven was a traveling minister working in Lancaster, Illinois. Many anti-slavery Baptists lived in the area and shared his belief that slavery was wrong.
    • He introduced the idea of building a school that anyone could attend, including women and freed or fugitive slaves.


    • The Hoyt-Whipple family, along with other members of the community, supported the idea and organized a school, which opened in 1848. In the 1850s, the school was expanded to include a dormitory, a stone chapel, and a classroom. It also began offering college level classes.
    • The school was never very successful, despite the strong vision of its founders. Between 25 and 30 percent of its students were black in the school’s early days.


    • During the Civil War, the school was closed and the buildings were used for meetings and concerts.
    • After the war the college became a private high school. From 1887 to 1938, it was a public school.
    • Today the building is a museum.

      Eleutherian College


    1. Fugitive: someone in hiding
    2. Abolitionist: someone who opposes slavery


    Questions and Answers

    Question: How did the school get its name?

    Answer: The name came from the Greek word eleutheros, which means “freedom and equality.” Many people in Lancaster were abolitionists and the town played an important role in the Underground Railroad.


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    Watch a video about the college.


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