• Montauk Point Lighthouse

    Sitting atop the eastern point of Long Island, Montauk Point Lighthouse has guided ships for more than 225 years. It is a National Historic Landmark.


    Fun Facts

    • President George Washington ordered the lighthouse’s construction in April, 1792. It was completed in November, 1796.
    • The U.S. Lighthouse Service and the U.S. Coast Guard have been responsible for maintaining and lighting the lighthouse.
    • The lighthouse has guided submarines, ships, and fishing vessels to safety for many years.
    • The lighthouse was abandoned by the Coast Guard in the 1960s. The lighthouse fell into disrepair. People worried that powerful storms and waves would eventually wash the lighthouse away.
    • During the 1970s and 1980s, Georginia Reed organized citizens to build a terrace to protect the lighthouse. The lighthouse is used today to guide ships and is also a museum.



    1. Disrepair: a state of neglect
    2. Terrace: a structure built on a hillside to prevent erosion


    Questions and Answers

    Question: How did the Coast Guard take care of the light house?

    Answer: a caretaker lived in the lighthouse full-time.


    Learn More

    Watch a video about the   Montauk Point Lighthouse.


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