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    During the 1800s, thousands of Native Americans died from combat, disease, or starvation. Many tribes disappeared altogether. Native Americans living on reservations struggled to survive while teaching their children their traditions and culture.

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    Fun Facts

    • Today, Native American populations are growing. Over half of all Native Americans do not live on reservations. 300 federal reservations exist in the U.S., comprising over 52 million acres of land.
    • Native American children attend schools where they learn to read and write in English. Families often teach children their native language, culture, and traditions.
    • Native Americans participate in powwows, where they perform competitive dances to beating drums.
    • Native Americans are still known for their handicrafts – beautiful jewelry, rugs, and baskets.
    • Native Americans living on reservations face many struggles, including poor health and healthcare, crowded, substandard housing, poverty, and lack of employment opportunities.


    1. Population: group of people
    2. Native: first or original
    3. Substandard: below an acceptable level of quality

    Questions and Answers

    Question: Why do Native Americans still struggle so much?

    Answer: There is no single answer to this question. Unfair government policies are one reason, along with a lack of education and employment opportunities. Rates of depression, violence, and alcoholism are high on reservations.

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