• Sally Ride

    Sally Ride was the first female American astronaut in space. She was also a competitive tennis player.

    Fun Facts

    • Sally Ride was born in 1951 in Los Angeles. Her parents were both Presbyterian ministers. Her mother volunteered at a correctional facility and her father taught political science at Santa Monica College.
    • As a child, Sally was interested in science. She also loved playing tennis.
    • After she graduated from high school, Sally went on to gain masters and doctorate degrees in physics from Stanford University.
    • In 1978, Sally saw a newspaper ad from NASA seeking applicants for the space program. She, along with 35 other people, was selected from 8,000 applicants.
    • Sally went on two space flights, logging more than 348 hours in space. Some people wondered if women should be in space. Sally insisted she was qualified.
    • Sally left the NASA space program in 1987. She worked as a professor and she developed Sally Ride Science, a company that offered engaging science classes for kids.
    • Sally co-wrote six children’s books on science with her partner, Tam O’Shaughnessy.
    • She died in 2012 at her home.



    1. Correctional facility: a prison
    2. Doctorate: the highest college degree obtainable

    Questions and Answers

    Question: Did Sally have any children?

    Answer: Sally did not have any children, although she loved teaching children, especially about science.


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    Read more about Sally Ride at NASA.


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