• Sandra Day O’Connor

    Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Before she was a lawyer and judge though, she was a rough-riding cowgirl, capable of shooting rabbits for a meal.

    Fun Facts

    • Sandra Day O’Connor was born in 1930 in El Paso, Texas. She grew up on a huge cattle ranch (198,000 acres) in Duncan, Arizona. The ranch was nine miles from a paved road and the home had neither electricity nor running water.
    • Sandra knew how to ride horses, herd cattle, and use a .22 rifle. She learned to drive a truck as soon as she could see over the dashboard.
    • She spent winters with her grandmother in El Paso where she attended a private girls’ school. No school existed near the ranch in Arizona.
    • She studied economics and law at Stanford University, and gained her law degree in 1952.
    • She married John Jay O’Connor III, a fellow student at Stanford, the same year. They had three boys.
    • Even though Sandra was at the top of her class in college, she had trouble getting a job as a lawyer because she was a woman.
    • She finally got a job as a deputy county attorney in California. She offered to work for no pay or no office, sharing space with a secretary.
    • Later, Sandra served as the assistant attorney general for Arizona, and was given a vacant seat in the Arizona Senate. In 1973, she became Majority Leader in the Arizona Senate, the first woman to have such an office in the U.S.
    • Ronald Reagan appointed her to the Supreme Court in 1981, where she served until she retired in 2006.



    1. Dashboard: the front portion of a vehicle beneath the windshield
    2. Supreme Court: the highest court in America


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What did Sandra do after she retired from the Supreme Court?

    Answer: Sandra continued to volunteer her time for political organizations. She was a professor and she wrote several books. She cared for her husband who had Alzheimer’s until his death in 2009. She stopped appearing publicly in 2018 because she also has Alzheimer’s.


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    Watch a video about Sandra Day O’Connor.


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